Five-month adventure in the Porsche 928

30,000 kilometres in a Porsche 928 from Paris through to New York via Vladivostok: Along with his two sons, Frenchman Philippe Delaporte drove once around the world – an exciting, adventurous and spectacular journey.

The first tour the family went on in 2011 covered 27 counties and 23 capital cities. Last year Philippe Delaporte and his sons Thibault and Baudoin took to the road again, this time on a round-the-world trip. For five months they drove a Porsche 928 from Paris to Russia, Siberia, Japan, then through Alaska and across the USA to New York. Philippe Delaporte recounts: “I did each of the two main stages with one of my sons: the first from Europe to Asia, the second through North America. That is the dream of any father who has a passion for cars and travelling.”

The Porsche 928 was especially prepared for his round-the-world trip and equipped with a GPS tracker so that anyone who was interested could follow the journey live online.

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