Sponsorship renewed with Stuttgart Ballet

The sponsorship between Porsche and the Stuttgart Ballet Company has existed for the past three years. Chairman of the Executive Board Matthias Müller has now announced that this „flagship project“ will continue to the middle of 2017.

"Since 2012, Porsche has been the proud sponsor of the internationally famous ballet ensemble. This sponsorship is so special for us because it brings together two attractive world brands with many values in common: aesthetics, elegance, dynamics and precision," said Bernhard Meier, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG talking about the motives.

Reid Anderson, Artistic Director of Stuttgart Ballet, said; "I'm highly delighted that we are continuing this partnership where both parties have regarded each other as equals right from the start. The co-operation has proven to be positive and sustainable from every aspect, and equally productive and inspiring for both sides."

Just how productive the co-operation has been is shown by the many projects:

– Porsche subsidised the purchase of a portable sprung dance floor. This fulfils a dream long held by Artistic Director Reid Anderson and the ballet company. It allows the ensemble to play guest performances on any stage, even if it not suitable for dancing and under normal circumstances would incur severe risks for the dancers.

– The car company has also given its support to cultural education for children and young people in the City of Stuttgart and the region by financing youth projects initiated by the Stuttgart Ballet, such as JUNG MOVE IT!, Krabat and MOVE IT! Young people from all types of school are brought into contact with dance and Stravinsky, experiencing this art form with their own bodies.

– Porsche also presents the major public viewing event Ballet in the Park, which broke all records with several thousand spectators who viewed the broadcast of Demis Volpis' Krabat. In the meantime, this work has become an indispensable part of the open air event repertoire in Stuttgart.

– At the artistic level, many of Reid Anderson's aims have been brought to fruition thanks to the support: five premières in the 2013/2014 season and a guest performance by Tokyo Ballet.

– The commitment by the car manufacturer goes far beyond the existing sponsorship with support given to the construction of the new building planned for the John Cranko School. Porsche's contribution of ten million euro covers the amount that was missing to build the new ballet centre. The new building is urgently needed, not only for the ballet students but also for the ballet company since it will house the future rehearsal stage of the Stuttgart Ballet Company. The funds will flow in four instalments into the "Foundation for the Promotion of the John Cranko School of the Stuttgart State Theatre of Baden-Württemberg", a legally dependent foundation of the state capital, Stuttgart.

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