The Côte d’Azur is a landscape of unparalleled beauty and Mediterranean magic, with its magnificent beaches and clear blue sea. Here in the south of France, you can leave your everyday worries behind and enjoy the carefree way of life. And it is here that the “Porsche Ultimate – Drive & Experience” programme is offering exclusive driving experiences in the high-end luxury segment until August 20, 2017.

Tim Burton – better known online as “Shmee150” – had the opportunity to truly experience what Porsche has to offer. With millions of followers, he is one of the best-known vloggers on the automotive scene. And there was a very special model waiting for him in the south of France: the Porsche 911 R. After a drive along the Col de Turini – the world-famous stage of the Monte Carlo Rally – in such an iconic sports car, even experienced vloggers like Shmee150 are left swooning. As he put it: “What a car. What a day. What an experience!” Watch the video here:

THIS is the Porsche 911R!

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