Deliveries: up 49 per cent. Turnover: up 46 per cent. Operating profit: up 38 per cent. Employees: up 41 per cent. Porsche experienced tremendous growth between 2010 and 2014 alone. No wonder that Dr Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board, is frequently asked how long this will last. His reply: “Apart from on the race track, our aim is not to break records or to idly pursue ever increasing sales figures. All we want to attain is value-creating growth.”

That this goal is being achieved has now been confirmed by Die Welt and Accenture Consulting. It is the seventh time that the Top 500 Awards for sustainable growth has been awarded, and this time the winner is Porsche. Second place goes to Helios Kliniken and in third place comes Dräxelmaier. Assessment is not only based on business performance factors but also on qualitative criteria like strategy, innovative strength and the capability of each company to integrate company acquisitions successfully.

At the award ceremony in Berlin, the Porsche CEO made this comment: “Sustainability is not necessarily contradictory to economic objectives or the construction of roadworthy sports cars. A key component of our corporate objectives is to resolve these apparent contradictions and achieve social acceptance for our products and activities.”

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