Once a race driver, always a race driver

Patrick Dempsey is not only known for being a successful actor, he is also a passionate race driver too. The exact effect this has on his day-to-day life is illustrated in amusing style in a new advertising campaign.

Patrick Dempsey has not taken an active role as a race driver since the start of this year’s WEC season, instead becoming a partner of the Dempsey Proton Racing team that sends out the Porsche 911 RSR with starting number 77. Even though more recently he has been supporting his team from the other side of the crash barriers, Dempsey nevertheless remains a seasoned race driver who knows what it takes to deliver fast laps.

That’s also clear from our latest video with him. In the video, the Hollywood star drives his Porsche up to a petrol station and waits for his pit crew to refuel his car at lightning quick speed. For Patrick Dempsey, one thing is definitely true: Once a race driver, always a race driver. Watch the whole video here:

Patrick Dempsey’s way of… driving up to a gas station.
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