The new unified report format emphasizes the importance of the interaction between economical, ecological and social factors for sustainable, profitable growth. The report’s content breaks new ground as well – renowned authors deal with fundamental questions of change in the automobile industry. Augmented reality brings the report to life: audio-visual content enhances the reading experience.

“Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy. That’s why our report focusses equally on material and immaterial value,” Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Porsche AG Executive Board, said at the annual press conference. Blume called merging the corporate and sustainability goals a “clear objective of our strategic direction”. He referred to the merging of the goals as the foundation for growth which is oriented towards the satisfaction of the customers, earnings as well as secure and good jobs. “Economic efficiency and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.”

Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Member of the Executive Board for Finance and IT, added: “The additional perspective of non-financial aspects reflects the long-term corporate success even better. The report simply joins two areas that, in our view, are inseparable.”

Two-part format is designed to be simultaneously informative and inspirational

Regarding the content, the annual and sustainability report 2016 also takes a new approach. The two-part format is designed to be simultaneously informative and inspirational. The report’s first part – “Performance” – documents the company’s economic and sustainable development as well as its current performance capacity based on financial figures, environmental and energy data as well as on a review of the year’s important events.

On the other hand, the report’s second part – “Perspective” – provides entertaining but also reflective insights into a company poised between tradition and the future. The topics deal with change in the automobile industry induced by digitisation, sustainability as a central social issue, the culture of error in innovation processes, the factory of tomorrow and the connection between renewal and psychology. Among the authors are the business essayist Wolf Lotter, the sustainability experts Prof. Dr. Stefan Schaltegger and Dr. Holger Peterson and the business author Harald Willenbrock.

Augmented reality functions

Augmented reality functions add exciting audio visual and informative content to the report. Videos and animations extend the printed version to the digital world. But the range of services was expanded as well: The interactive comparison of key figures allows users both to compare figures from different years and display these comparisons. The user can compile individual comparisons and overviews by selecting such parameters as the period of time and key figure categories. The visualisation form (e.g. diagram, table) can be selected freely as well. And finally, the graphs can be saved in various formats (e.g. PNG, XLS, PDF).

Interactive comparison of key figures


The online version of the report is available as of now on its own microsite in the Porsche Newsroom ( The report is also available for download on the microsite. The Newsroom-AR-App can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

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