Guy Kawasaki visits Porsche

He is known as the Silicon Valley guru and social media professional: Guy Kawasaki. On the occasion of his visit to Zuffenhausen, he exchanged views with Porsche experts about the influence of the digital world on the automotive industry.

He was responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984; he has just under seven million followers in the Google+ social network; companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft book him as speaker. Guy Kawasaki is a recognised force in the digital world. At the invitation of IT consultants and Porsche subsidiary Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP), he paid a visit to the main Porsche plant.

During a tour of the 918 Spyder manufactory, Kawasaki, who is a self-confessed Porsche fan, experienced the manufacturing process of the super sports car from Zuffenhausen at first hand. In addition he talked to Lutz Meschke, Member of the Executive Board - Finance and IT at Porsche, about the influence of digital media on the automotive industry. Kawasaki's outlook: in future, there will not only be car-to-car communication, cars will also communicate with the road, the Cloud, other road users and much more.

Guy Kawasaki about the connected car of the future

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