The Ferry Porsche Prize 2015 went to the 251 best A Level students in their year from Baden-Württemberg in the core subjects of mathematics, physics and technology. The idea behind the Ferry Porsche Prize, which was awarded for the 15th time this year, is to increase the attractiveness of STEM subjects and motivate prospective students to study engineering.

Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, expressed his pleasure at the excellent performance by the school levers and said: "The competitive ability of German industry in the global market depends crucially on excellently trained young engineering talent. The foundation for this is laid by the STEM subjects at school. Their outstanding achievements in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology have elevated the winners of the Ferry Porsche Prize to the position of bearers of great hope on our country."

Marion von Wartenberg, State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture in Baden-Württemberg, congratulated the winners and said: "We know that we can arouse the enthusiasm of children and young people to pursue studies and education in STEM professions by teaching science in a stimulating manner. This is what makes the targeted funding of STEM so important for our local government. It really pleases me to see that the Ferry Porsche Prize is exemplary in its incentive to inspire students to achieve excellence."

"We need the best minds, ones with the zeal of the inventor"

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Porsche AG, thanked the teachers in his speech: "If one succeeds in bringing existing talent to the fore like one has done with our winners, then an excellent job has been done." He also made an appeal to the students: "We need young people who approach technical questions with passion and verve. We need the best minds, ones with the zeal of the inventor, not only for Porsche and the automotive industry, but for the whole of German and European industry."

The draw for six scholarships and practical placements was the highlight of the celebration at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach. The winners are: Nina Beranek (Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium Wendlingen), Leonard Bärmann (Windeck-Gymnasium Bühl), Alicia Schneider (Schenk-von-Limpurg-Gymnasium Gaildorf), Sebastian Karl (Richard-von-Weizsäcker-Gymnasium Baiersbronn), Sarah Graf (Königin-Katharina-Stift Stuttgart) and Leif Heckmann (Josef-Durler-Schule Rastatt).

The winners have the opportunity to complete a four-week period of practical placement at Porsche. The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer has also awarded each of the winners a financial grant to support their studies for a year.

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