The place where dreams come true

Sports car production in Zuffenhausen had only just begun when the first customers already started coming to pick up their new vehicles in the north of Stuttgart.

A pounding heart ex works – this promise has now applied for 65 years. In early 1950, the first customers came to Porsche's main plant to take receipt of their newly produced sports car right there in Zuffenhausen. One of the people to come and collect their vehicle back then was Dr. Ottomar Domnick. The medic and patron of the arts even brought along a bottle of sparkling wine to toast his 356.

The Porsche customers were greeted by, among others, Herbert Linge. The racing driver used to have the task of familiarising people collecting new vehicles with their Porsche. Up until the 1970s, the sports cars were handed over in the open air – including, for example, to Herbert von Karajan. The world-famous conductor was a long-standing Porsche customer and came to Zuffenhausen several times, including in 1973 to collect his new 911.

Nothing is left to change

Today the factory collection service, which is also offered in Leipzig, is highly professionalised. Nothing is left to chance. Customers coming to the north of Stuttgart may take part, if they wish, in a comprehensive programme, including a tour of the plant, lunch and a visit to the Porsche Museum.

The centrepiece of the factory collection service is still, of course, the handing over of the new vehicle – the moment when dreams come true. Customer advisors devote at least an hour to explaining the new Porsche to each buyer, to answering questions and to helping not only with advice, but with actions too: for example, when adjusting the seat to the optimum position for the driver or connecting their mobile phone to the Porsche Communication Management System.

Buyers from all over the world travel to Zuffenhausen

The place where this all takes place is located right next to the main gate of Factory 2. Facilities housed inside the modernised building include a lounge and several demonstration rooms for customers interested in Porsche Exclusive and Tequipment. Customers can have the car of their dreams individually configured there straight from the factory.

To take advantage of the factory collection service, buyers travel to Zuffenhausen and Leipzig from all over the world. The customer advisors welcome sports car enthusiasts from Germany and other European countries, as well as from the USA, the Middle East and Asia.

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