Merck, a Darmstadt-based global research and technology corporation, wants to find out whether and how employees’ curiosity can be boosted in order to simultaneously increase companies’ innovative power. Experienced members of Porsche Consulting are participating in its practice-based research project. A team of aviation experts from the management consultancy is working together with scientists from the Merck project for six months. The aim of this direct exchange between science and business is to gain a better understanding of curiosity as the driving force behind innovation – and to put it into practice on the job.

An international study by Merck in 2016 showed that individuals with a high degree of curiosity are more successful in their work. “Curiosity is our driving force and now we seek to empirically demonstrate that anyone can increase their own level of curiosity,” said Stefan Oschmann, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Merck.


Excerpt from Merck’s 2016 State of Curiosity Report. Based on 3,015 employees from different sectors in Germany, China, and the USA.

Graphic: Merck

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