Digital transformation, and with it the automation of tasks and entire business processes, is one of the crucial levers to become a high performance organization. Organizations are increasingly able to reallocate resources from standard, often routine tasks to those with high human value-add and higher strategic relevance. Repetitive tasks can be successfully automated to a large degree across all supporting functions of an enterprise, from IT operations and procurement to finance, human resources and legal. The results are impressive with efficiency gains ranging from 20 up to 60 percent. From a technological point of view, the time to embark on this journey is now. The new Porsche Consulting report explores the value that can be achieved through technology-enabled automation in major corporate supporting functions, highlights top use cases and best practice examples, and suggests how companies should start their transformation journey towards a self-driving enterprise to overcome typical roadblocks.

Strategy Paper: „The Path towards the Self-Driving Enterprise


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