How to make the digital change

Porsche Consulting explains what companies need to be doing now in each of the three main fields of action.

Industry 4.0 is a topic that is attracting a fair amount of hype these days, and a good deal of discussion in the media, among researchers, and within companies themselves. But no one can say for sure how it will develop in the future. Reliable prognostications are rare. And technological developments have often been incorrectly assessed in the past. As late as 1995, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is said to have called the success of the Internet a “passing fad.” And in fact many dot-com companies failed around the turn of the millennium. But subsequent developments speak for themselves.

Today, too, there is a great risk of misjudging current developments and succumbing to inertia. At the same time, many companies in the “old economy” are hardly aware of the sheer scope of these developments. In addition, they often lack a sense of urgency and the flexibility needed to develop in smart and courageous ways in order to safeguard their access to customers in the future. To provide clarity in this situation, Porsche Consulting poses the most important questions in each of the three main fields of action.

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