Porsche is continuing to expand its worldwide network of Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche Classic Centres in partnership with investors: Following the successful launch of the first Porsche Classic Centre in Gelderland (the Netherlands) last year, the second centre has now opened in celebratory fashion in Rouen (France). Porsche customers and Porsche enthusiasts alike can find the full range of services from Porsche Classic waiting for them at these centres. This concept sees the sportscar manufacturer integrate the maintenance and value retention of modern and older classic cars into a single innovative service concept, which closely interlinks tradition and innovation. With the newly opened centre in France, there is now a total of 44 Porsche Classic Partners worldwide – two of which are Porsche Classic Centres – across 17 countries ready to welcome car enthusiasts. The success of the centres proves that the concept works.

Porsche Classic partner, map, 2016, Porsche AG
Worldwide network of Porsche Classic Partners

More than 70 per cent of all Porsche vehicles ever made are still on the road today. For Porsche, this alone was reason to ensure that classic car owners could access the excellent maintenance and restoration services their vehicles deserve. For Ingo Frenkel, Vice President Customer Center at Porsche, there is more to the sales concept than mere emotional attachment: “The retention of classic and modern vehicles from our brand is one of the very best examples of true sustainability. The permanent availability of spare parts and retention of the skills needed to repair and restore these vehicles are important facets of value retention”. Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche Classic Centres, which are responsible for looking after our classic sportscars as well as the latest vehicles, have received special certification and training. “Selecting partners is a complex process”, continues Frenkel. Professional qualifications are not the only important factor in this work – enthusiasm and identification with the brand and its history are also taken into account. In addition to the full Porsche Classic service package, partners offer a comprehensive range of original replacement parts and competent advice on classic vehicles and their purchase and sale.

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