It is one of the oldest and most famous customer publications in the world: the Porsche Christophorus magazine. Named after the patron saint of travellers, it has provided exciting insights into the Porsche world since 1952. Five times a year. In ten languages. With a current circulation of 590,000 copies.

Today, February 26, the new edition of Christophorus – the 375th in total – appears in a new layout with a clear text and image language, a generous presentation and with more air to breathe.

As for content, the new magazine will present stories about Porsche fans and drivers from all over the world as well as interesting news about the company – for example the latest cars, technologies, motor racing or corporate history. Dr. Josef Arweck, Vice President Communications at Porsche: “The new Christophorus concept makes the fascination of Porsche tangible. Strong images and authentic stories taken from the world-wide Porsche community create a new Christophorus experience.”

Here is a small preview: "Return of the racers" deals with a Jägermeister Racing highlight, the legendary Porsche 911 Carrera RSR, model year 1974.

Very soon you can read all the articles of the present edition online in the Porsche Newsroom. Are you interested in the printed version of the magazine? When you subscribe, you receive all five editions of Christophorus for 30 euros a year. Find out more here.

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