On September 1 in 1984, the Porsche subsidiary Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) was set up. The aim of the sole importer of Porsche sports cars and spare parts was to service the North American market and to independently control sales philosophy and market practice. The home of the new Porsche subsidiary was Reno, Nevada. Another site was set up in Charleston, South Carolina, to service the East Coast. The PCNA, with its roughly 200 employees, serviced 208 authorised dealers and was also responsible for the Canadian market from 1995 onwards.

Supply route for parts arriving from Germany shortened

The Porsche headquarters relocated from Reno to Atlanta, Georgia, on March 1, 1998. The new site offered a better strategic location since flight times to Germany were shorter and there was a smaller time difference. Two years later, the parts warehouse was relocated and split into two centres – Atlanta and Ontario, California. This not only shortened the supply route for parts arriving from Germany but also improved dealership servicing.

Foundation stone for One Porsche Drive

In 2009, the idea originated to build a Porsche headquarters in the USA to unite the key companies under one roof and also create an experience centre for customers and Porsche enthusiasts. Three years later, after 70 alternative sites in three US state were scrutinised during the course of a selection procedure, the foundation stone was laid for One Porsche Drive directly adjacent to Atlanta airport.

Foundation stone for One Porsche Drive, 2012

When PCNA, Porsche Financial Services, Porsche Consulting and MHP Management and IT Consulting finally moved in in January 2015, Porsche started a new chapter in its eventful corporate history in North America. Not only did One Porsche Drive become the address of the headquarters in Atlanta, it also became synonymous with the dynamic power which is the hallmark of the company and its over 400 employees.

A second experience centre is currently under construction in the greater Los Angeles region. This building complex called "PEC West" will also be home to the headquarters of Porsche Motorsports North America and include workshops, spare parts warehouse and classic car restoration shop. On the East Coast, PCNA is cooperating with a New York Porsche dealership to build a completely new showroom in Manhattan to provide the market there with better, more brand-specific services.

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