Unique: the 9:11 Magazine

With so much in the tenth edition, from Magnus Walker embarking on his club Porsche dream; to a stopwatch that made racing history; an island that is home only to a single Porsche; the famous Fetzenflieger; and to Porsche pioneer Herbert Linge, the 9:11 magazine is certainly unique.

1. Magnus Walker’s dream

This Porsche enthusiast first encountered a 911 in 1977, at the age of ten – and he’s never forgotten that moment. We follow Magnus Walker back to his roots in Sheffield, as he takes a journey of self-discovery.

2. Perfect timing

This stopwatch made motorsport history in 1977. Close to the end of the race in Le Mans, and with just five cylinders on his Porsche 936/77, Jürgen Barth taped the timer to the steering wheel. Twelve minutes later, he crossed the line in first place.

3. Island Porsche

With its 35 km², Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean belongs to the smallest islands of the world. There are hardly any roads, a speed limit of 50 km/h, but a single Porsche within a radius of 1800 kilometres.

4. The Fetzenflieger

The unconventional design from an unconventional racing driver: the Fetzenflieger and Otto Mathé. These names together made headlines in the 1950s and 1960s. The fire for the Fetzenflieger still burns today.

5. A Porsche pioneer

From mechanic and development driver to head of the factory: Herbert Linge, who company patriarch Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry met in person, is more than an all-rounder – he’s a Porsche pioneer.

The 9:11 Magazine

Porsche publishes a wealth of entertaining and informative contributions from the world of Porsche at its website, 911-magazin.porsche.de. Whether it's presenting new models or highlighting milestones in the company's history, the online TV series complements the Porsche customer magazine “Christophorus” and is published at the same intervals five times a year, in both German and English. Additional footage material and photos are freely available for journalistic purposes.

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