The new corporate film “Driving Technologies” by the Porsche Engineering Group GmbH was recently recognized with two international film awards. The engineering services provider, a 100% subsidiary of Porsche AG received a Gold-Award at the Communicator Awards in New York and a silver Victoria-Award at the Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage (largest German-speaking festival for corporate films) in Vienna.

“The creative awards underline our ambition to communicate, in a modern and purposeful way, who we are and what we are doing for our clients,” says Michael Merklinger, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Porsche Engineering. “First and foremost we are people with ideas, who are not satisfied until the best possible solution has been developed for our clients.”

Communicator Awards: 6,000 submissions this year

The Porsche corporate film showcases the company as an innovative engineering services provider for future-oriented mobility. Special attention is paid to employees and their engineering competence who resolve clients’ challenges with new and unconventional ideas. At the same time the viewer gets a glimpse of Porsche Engineering’s entire service portfolio, including the history and origin from the parent company Porsche. Moreover, and unseen for corporate videos so far, the film format resembles a movie trailer. “We had the idea to transmit the fascination and structure of movie trailers to our industry,” explains Frederic Damköhler, project manager for the company film. “Similar to a movie trailer we want to emotionally and concisely spark interest in our company - both with clients and potential employees.”

With over 6,000 submissions this year, the Communicator Awards in New York are one of the leading competitions for recognition of creative performances in corporate communication. The Porsche Engineering film received the highest award, the “Award of Excellence”. The 26th Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage in Vienna concentrate on corporate films from German-speaking countries that have been produced between 2012 and 2014.

From elements to complete vehicle developments

The Porsche Engineering Group GmbH is a premium engineering services provider for automobile manufacturers, their suppliers, as well as companies from other industries. It combines the character of a perfectly connected small and medium-sized company located in the South-West of Germany with the experience of a worldwide successfully operating organization. Its engineers work on new, unconventional ideas for automobile, vehicle, and industrial clients. Upon customer order they develop diverse solutions - starting from the conceptual design of elements and the engineering of complex modules to the point of planning and realization of complete vehicle developments – including series production management.

The specialty thereby is: everything happens with the yearlong experience of the series manufacturer Porsche. Engineering services for external customers are a vital corner post of the Porsche identity and an important component of Porsche. However, the public knows only little about it. Porsche Engineering operates according to strict confidentiality policies to ensure that product strategies and brand identities of its customers are protected with the greatest care at all times.

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