Some 270 billion e-mails are sent throughout the world every day. Around 2.5 billion people own a smartphone. Estimates suggest we’ll be downloading around 300 billion apps a year by 2020. What used to be inconceivable is now a matter of course: the smartphone has become our chat room, alarm clock, control center, GPS device, news channel, and movie theater all in one. You can take photos, make videos, go shopping, and play games with it. You can make—or break—your relationships over it. You occasionally even hear about young people making phone calls on it. I have a smartphone, therefore I am. But what does that tell us?

First of all, the Internet and smart devices are changing how we use media in fundamental and irreversible ways. Second, video and audio technology is developing dynamically. And third, the multitude of technical offers and possibilities has a direct impact on our leisure behavior—we create our own digital lifestyle. You’re seeing the consequence—the most varied issue of Christophorus ever produced.



Traditional lederhosen have made a leap from niche product to cult item in recent years. But what has suddenly turned these traditional short leather trousers into bestsellers? Their makers—and...