Porsche Consulting remains in fourth place on the Lünendonk list of management consultancies from Germany. With a turnover of just under EUR 305 million last year, the company, which has its headquarters at the Porsche Design Tower in Stuttgart, kept its place among the top consultancies. Once a year, the consulting experts at Lünendonk collect the key economic data of management consultancies and publish them in a list that has become the standard in the consulting sector.

“I am very pleased with our consistently good ranking on the Lünendonk list,” says Porsche Consulting CEO Eberhard Weiblen. “We have several years of successful growth behind us and were able to crack the EUR 300 million sales mark in our 30th year of existence. We expect further growth in the years to come. I am particularly pleased with the increasing interest from outside the automotive sector.” 

Porsche Consulting is a subsidiary of Porsche AG, but generates the majority of its sales outside the Volkswagen Group and is active not only in Germany but also in Italy, France, the US, China and Brazil. The company employs some 1000 people worldwide. The experts bring a wealth of experience from the automotive industry, which still plays a pioneering role in many fields, to clients from a wide range of sectors. At the same time, the digital transformation and the shift towards sustainable business practices are proceeding apace in all industries and require new strategies and pragmatic action. In addition to the automotive industry, the management consultancy’s clients come from the pharmaceutical and life sciences, industrial goods, transportation, financial services, energy, aerospace, construction and consumer goods sectors.

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