In recent years, the scope of quality management (QM) has expanded beyond its original emphasis on products and now encompasses a wide range of comprehensive customer experiences. This includes services, for instance, in the mobility sector, where ensuring a suitable charging infrastructure is crucial for travel. It also extends to peripheral products like wall boxes, as shown by the example of charging infrastructures. Furthermore, quality management now incorporates megatrends such as digitalization and the ability to address contexts with multiple crises. Traditional QM organizations focused solely on functions face limitations in these areas.

This study aims to shed light on the key areas of action for making quality management sustainable for the future and provides guidelines for actively shaping corresponding organizations. It examines topics such as the structure of QM organizations, ways of embedding quality-oriented mindsets into corporate cultures, implementing agile work methods, and leveraging digitalization for quality-relevant matters.

Download the study: Quality of the Future.

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