Randomly selected teams of four will be asked to jointly solve a digital quiz all about equal opportunities and diversity of perspectives. The idea behind the challenge is to once again make the workforce aware of the enormous potential offered by working in heterogeneous teams. The employees should also see how important the individual skills, views and lifestyles of each person are to guarantee the success of the team. The celebrity patron of this challenge is the German football World Cup champion, Sami Khedira.

“Diversity enriches our company and strengthens our special Porsche culture.” Andreas Haffner

“For us at Porsche, diversity is far more than just country of origin or gender. New perspectives are what are needed to successfully shape the future of mobility. They lead to questions that may not have otherwise been asked, and to solutions that may not have otherwise been thought of. Diversity enriches our company and strengthens our special Porsche culture. It ultimately drives innovation and is a key factor of success,” says Andreas Haffner, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Human Resources at Porsche AG.

The diversity team challenge is just one of many building blocks with which the sports car manufacturer regularly demonstrates the importance of the diversity of perspectives within its team. How diversity can be effectively used in the everyday working environment is also a topic dealt with in the Management Labs, where 1,500 managers work on the management of the future. A wide range of training courses on the Porsche learning platform also offers employees the chance of exploring all aspects of the diversity of perspectives and perhaps of challenging established patterns of behaviour and thinking.

To give the diversity team challenge an additional boost, the footballer Sami Khedira has launched the event with an appeal to the Porsche workforce – and is also heading a team himself.  The 33-year old has played at international level for many years, and is associated with Porsche as the patron of the youth support programme “Turbo for Talents”. His biography means that he stands for diversity and equal opportunities like virtually no other. One thing is clear to him: “In football, like in every other field, tolerance and an open-mindedness to others are vital for success. It was our uniqueness, our diversity of talents, skills and approaches which enabled us to win the World Cup in 2014.”

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