On four days, top golfers will demonstrate their skills on the longest and most difficult course in Germany — the Porsche Nord Course. World-class on and off the pitch, so to speak.

As a UX designer in our SecondSkin project, I had the honour of interpreting this year’s Porsche European Open Leaders’ Car and creating the foil design.

How SecondSkin works

SecondSkin — powered by Porsche Digital, brings together certified foiling experts as well as renowned designers and artists to take vehicle foiling to a new level. Our mission is to give our customers the opportunity to express their personality with their vehicle. We offer colour foils, which are based on the popular Porsche trend colours, as well as exclusive design foils. These range from classic motorsport designs, such as Martini Racing, to simple, elegant tone-in-tone foils, to design drafts inspired by fashion, art, and lifestyle.

The best: Not only Porsche drivers have the possibility to individualize their vehicle with a personal design — SecondSkin can basically serve all brands and models. In the online configurator, the customer selects the vehicle model and its individual foiling in just a few steps or relies on our advice. On this basis, SecondSkin creates a 3D view of the finished design as well as a non-binding offer, which the customer can confirm directly online. It’s simple.

A classic in a new guise: the SecondSkin design of the Porsche 911 Leaders’ Car

My SecondSkin design for the new look of the leader’s car of the Porsche European Open features an abstract golf ball as a direct reference to golf and blue, curved colour surfaces. The latter focuses on the essentials — the daily leading golfer and driver of the Porsche 911.

The blue, curved colour surfaces symbolize the movement of a golf stroke. As simple as the stroke movement may seem — its precision ultimately determines success in golf. The Porsche European Open logo and the lettering on the flanks and front of the Porsche 911 are in the same silver colour as the abstract golf ball. Thus they form a meaningful unity between emotion and information. In the truest sense of the word, it is a second skin that sets a new scene in the classic design of the Porsche 911.

Digital innovation focuses on the individual

I have always been enthusiastic about how Porsche combines tradition and innovation. We are consistently further developing Porsche’s unique driving experience by taking advantage of smart technologies.

Porsche thus stands for a timeless and modern lifestyle that is characterized by digitalization and networking. With SecondSkin — powered by Porsche Digital, we are expanding this lifestyle with another digital service that allows our customers to better customize their car to their individual style and personal interests. In this way, our products put people even further at the centre of our attention and give a special Porsche attitude to life a new quality.

On and off the road.

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