Furthermore, in the Chinese naming of “Dream Together”, it emphasizes the engineering spirit and background of Porsche, and integrates the concept “aiming to offer continual pragmatic support” for those in need.

For the first year of “Dream Together”, Porsche Taiwan collaborated with BoYo Social Welfare Foundation, donated NTD 350,000 to help kids in need, especially focuses on education in remote areas.

“Being a brand born out of dream, Porsche believes that every dream can make a difference,” said Mathias Busse, the CEO of Porsche Taiwan. “With ‘Dream Together’, Porsche Taiwan hopes to make people reach closer to their dreams. This year, we are glad to be able to cooperate with BoYo Social Welfare Foundation, working towards education in rural areas. Through the support in the field, we hope to bring up some strength and positivity to the society.”

BoYo Social Welfare Foundation was founded in 2002 by Mr. Richard C. T. Lee. The main purpose of establishment is to help children from disadvantage families on improving academic performance.

BoYo hopes to increase children’s competitiveness

Richard Lee, founder of BoYo Social Welfare Foundation, 2019, Porsche AG

Through creates a study-friendly environment, BoYo hopes to increase children’s competitiveness and make them have the opportunity to escape poverty. Therefore, BoYo established 17 after-school counseling centres, cooperated with 10 schools in differentiated instruction and 62 educational organizations; by far, they have trained over 700 teachers and assisted over 3,000 kids. Moreover, BoYo developed 44 teaching materials of English, math and Chinese reading comprehension for free online.

“In our country, a huge unequal distribution of educational resources is observed between cities and rural areas. In other words, there is a huge gap between kids, so far as education is concerned,” said Mr. Richard Lee, the founder of BoYo Social Welfare Foundation.

“BoYo has been cultivated in touching the weakest part of the spectrum in Taiwan: kids from impoverished families in the remote areas. With 17 education centres, and the collaboration with 170 elementary schools as well as junior high schools, BoYo offers kids more care on after-school education, especially for those kids who shows difficulties to catch up with others in the class. Furthermore, BoYo adopted statistics and online database to continuously improve teaching quality. As a result, BoYo has aided the graduates to pursue better living environment from low-quality living condition.”

BoYo Social Welfare Foundation, 2019, Porsche AG

With the great efforts, Porsche Taiwan was moved by the cultivation of BoYo. Education is an ongoing mission and needs warm-hearted people putting tireless dedication; therefore, through the donation, Porsche Taiwan hopes to aid people who cultivate in this domain to accentuate the existence of urban-rural gap in Taiwan, and also to appeal people to sensitize on the issue. This is the beginning of the “Dream Together” CSR Programme, Porsche Taiwan aim to roll out other partnerships in the future.

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