Renovo CEO Chris Heiser likes to share. His software architecture is open to others. This generosity pays off—for mobility solutions of the future. In Silicon Valley, he and his forty-person team are hard at work on autonomous driving. Data management is the biggest challenge in automated driving, he explains. A few thousand automated cars in an urban setting like Manhattan generate more data in one day than Facebook does,” says Heiser, illustrating the magnitude of the task. 

Rather than a closed system and small computing units, Renovo relies on a software ecosystem currently comprised of dozens of partners. “We have no interest in owning the software solutions on our platform. What we want is to enable our customers and partners to offer their own software solutions,” says Heiser. This type of open-source approach is also already established in the field of medical devices and aviation—both highly sensitive areas. The advantage? “That way we enable quicker innovations,” says Heiser.


Photo: Porsche Consulting GmbH

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