Atlanta, Georgia. Drivers in Dallas and Chicago will soon have a new way to experience Porsche sports cars on the road. Porsche Drive, the sports car maker’s vehicle subscription and rental service, is expanding to both metropolitan areas. The program is high on flexibility and low on commitment, with subscriptions for as little as one month at a time and rentals starting from one day. Customers can begin reserving vehicles now in advance of the mid-May launch in both cities.

Porsche Drive started out from humble origins, with a pilot in Atlanta in 2017, and has now expanded to 17 U.S. cities with further locations to be announced later this year.     

“Porsche Drive offers a fantastic combination of freedom and unforgettable driving experiences,” said Kjell Gruner, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America Inc. (PCNA). “We know customers value flexibility and choice - and Porsche Drive adapts to the specific wishes of our customers.”

The program features all seven models – from the iconic 911 and all-electric Taycan to the best-selling Macan and sleek Panamera – on both a subscription and rental basis.

“The feedback we receive from subscribers is that Porsche Drive allows them to curate the perfect vehicle for whatever they are up to, whether it’s a 911 for a special birthday dinner or a Taycan to experience the best that electric driving can offer,” says Gruner.

To date, more than 2,000 customers have participated in the subscription and rental programs, combined. Around 80 percent of Porsche Drive’s customers are new to the brand.

To reserve their dream Porsche, Chicago and Dallas customers can visit to start the booking process. The Porsche Drive concierge team will be available during each step of the journey. They will connect with sign up customers to support them through the booking and scheduling process. Once scheduled, a dealership concierge will then deliver the vehicle to the customer’s home within a 20-mile service area. Pricing and delivery depends on which program is selected. Click here to learn more.



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