The PCCM was developed in two variants and fits exactly in the original built-in units with 1-DIN or 2-DIN dimensions, which were standard in sports cars for many decades. Both infotainment systems offer a high-resolution touchscreen and modern functions such as DAB+ and Apple CarPlay®.

The PCCM is operated via two rotary knobs, six integrated buttons and a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display. It blends harmoniously into the dashboard of Porsche classic cars thanks to the black surface finish and the shape of the knobs. It features the Porsche logo and is suitable for the sports car generations between the first 911 models of the 1960s and the last 911 with air cooling from the start of the 1990s (type 993 model series). Use in earlier front- and mid-engine models is also possible.

State-of-the-art digital technology: DAB+, Apple CarPlay®, Bluetooth®

PCCM can now also receive digital radio stations with DAB+. A further highlight is the integration of Apple CarPlay®. For the first time, all users of an Apple iPhone as from version five can now also use their iPhone apps for media playback, navigation and calls. Media playback is also possible via an SD card, USB, AUX and Bluetooth®.

Porsche Classic Communication Management 911 F, 2020 Porsche AG
Porsche Classic Communication Management in the 911 F

PCCM Plus: modern successor of the first-generation PCM

911 models of the 996 generation and Boxster models of the 986 generation, which were built in the 1990s, could already be optionally equipped with a Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system in 2-DIN format.

For these sports cars, Porsche Classic has developed the Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus (PCCM Plus) system, which features a high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen with optimised display.

The haptic and visual design of the PCCM Plus is based on the adjacent components such as air vents or pushbutton switches. The PCCM Plus can thus be integrated seamlessly into the ambience of the classic sports cars. The peripheral components already installed in the vehicle such as amplifier, loudspeakers or antenna can still be used.

Like PCCM, PCCM Plus offers digital radio DAB+, media playback via SD card, USB, AUX, Bluetooth® as well as Apple CarPlay®. In addition, the new 2-DIN unit is also compatible with GOOGLE® Android Auto.

Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus 996, 2020 Porsche AG
Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus in the 996


The new Porsche Classic Communication Management is available for $2,643.10* (PCCM) and $2,968.33* (PCCM Plus) across official Porsche Centres in Australia.

*Further costs may be incurred for installation, assembly and additional parts.

Porsche Classic Communication Management, 2020 Porsche AG

Porsche Classic

Porsche Classic is responsible for spare parts supply and factory restorations of all of the brand’s road-approved classic cars. This includes all aspects of care products and technical literature through to classic spare part supply and new editions of already discontinued spare parts.

In order to increase the availability of this offering for vintage and young classic cars, the company is successively extending its international dealer and service network with the Porsche Classic Partner programme. Porsche customers and prospects can find the complete range of products and services offered by Porsche Classic. Porsche is therefore integrating maintenance and value retention of classic cars into an innovative service concept that closely links the tradition and innovation of Porsche.

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