Besides a huge Ferris wheel for startup-pitches and some surprises, we will bring two of our great partners with us — app developer Chargetrip and tech startup Cobalt Industries — as well as a schedule full of talks on Design, E-Performance, Connectivity and Digital Business. As we said in our last blogpost, we’re inviting you to come by our booth, have a chat with us and go for a spin in the Ferris wheel!

All talks are held at the MicroStage in the lower container of the Porsche hub. They start on the hour and last 15–20 minutes. Here’s our complete schedule for the next two days:

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Out of the ComBox

Out of the ComBox

The Porsche Engineering Data Service (PEDS) facilitates wireless provision of measurement data after a test drive, and allows it to be evaluated quickly. Analyses can be available just minutes after the drive – or indeed during it. And the share of measurement data evaluated live can be increased before any archiving occurs.