Porsche Korea opens third ‘Porsche Dream Playground’ at Yongin Kangnam School

Porsche Korea (Michael Kirsch, Managing Director of Porsche Korea) announced on the 29th of May for completing its third ‘Porsche Dream Playground’ at Yongin Kangnam School in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, and the Opening ceremony for Porsche Korea’s CSR campaign was held at the school venue.

‘Porsche Dream Playground’ is one of the projects for Porsche Korea's CSR campaign ‘Porsche Do Dream’, in which the program supports the establishment of in-door gymnasiums so that students with limited outdoor activities due to fine dust and lack of adequate space to play after-school can express their creativity through playing.

Porsche Korea has been conducting this social contribution campaign continuously and expanded the range of its support than last year. Earlier this year, Porsche Korea selected two additional special schools in Gyeonggi-do and started its construction on the indoor gym customized to the needs of each school. Starting with Yongin Kangnam School, the fourth dream playground will be completed at Han-Guk Seon-Jin School.

The opening ceremony was attended by Michael Kirsch, Managing Director of Porsche Korea, Je-hoon Lee, President of ChildFund Korea, Principal of Yongin Kangnam School, and a Student Representative and commemorated the opening of the ‘Porsche Dream Playground’ with a ribbon cutting and lettering balloon ceremony.

Opening ceremony Porsche Dream Playground, Yongin Kangnam School, 2019, Porsche Korea Ltd.

The third ‘Porsche Dream Playground’ consists with a total floor area of 137m2 and was remodeled so that students can play indoors safely and freely through renovation of floors and walls from an existing gymnasium. Porsche Korea plans to provide educational supplies and playground equipment for students on a continuous basis.

Yongin Kangnam School, where 150 students in total are currently enrolled, is a special school for developmental disabilities with integrated Elementary, Middle, and high Schools that provides suitable education considering characteristics and abilities of individual students and emphasizes to design bright future of students through life-cycle custom education.

“We hope that students at Yongin Kangnam School can have more dreams while enjoying their daily lives in the ‘Porsche Dream Playground,” said Michael Kirsch, Managing Director of Porsche Korea. He added, "In the future, Porsche Korea will continue to create an environment where young Korean students can freely run around, laugh and have happy dreams to their fullest.”

Michael Kirsch, Managing Director of Porsche Korea, opening ceremony Porsche Dream Playground, Yongin Kangnam School, 2019, Porsche Korea Ltd.
Michael Kirsch, Managing Director of Porsche Korea

“Physical activity is an important subject that develops not only physical health but also emotional stability and social skills,” said Yong-han Kim, Principal of Yongin Kangnam School. He added, “I am very happy to see a special space created to help students’ activities in accordance with the characteristics of special school for developmental disabilities.”

Meanwhile, in addition to the ‘Porsche Dream Playground,’ Porsche Korea has also carried out the ‘Porsche Dream Up’ program since 2017, by selecting children talented in various fields of art, music, and physical and help them improve and develop their skills further. Over the past two years, Porsche Korea has given a total of 500 million won in scholarships through its ‘Porsche Do Dream’ Campaign.

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