Porsche Sustainability Council

The Porsche Sustainability Council was formed in 2016 and institutionalizes the Porsche stakeholder dialogue on sustainability.

External specialists in business, science, politics, and civil society advise the Executive Board and top management regarding the strategic focus of sustainability on a regular basis. The members are independent and not bound by instructions. The Executive Board has given the Council far-reaching rights to information and consultation, as well as rights of initiative.

The members of the Porsche Sustainability Council are (as of 2022):

  • Prof. Dr. Lucia A. Reisch
  • Prof. Dr. Sarah Jastram
  • Raffaela Rein
  • Adnan Z. Amin
  • Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer

In 2022, the Porsche Sustainability Council held two meetings with the Porsche Executive Board. The key topics addressed were supply chain decarbonization, sustainability in sales, digitalization and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), partner to society, diversity, the conflict in Ukraine, and the significance of sustainability to the capital market.

Council members also held regular meetings with representatives of its office and with experts from Porsche in 2022. Additionally, Porsche regularly involved members of the Council in the development of the Porsche sustainability strategy as part of video conferences.