The Porsche Strategy 2025 is a project dedicated to shaping the future of the sports car. It centres around the future product portfolio. The sports car of the future will blend the tradition and values of the Porsche brand with innovative technologies, while at the same time ensuring sustainability. Careful use of resources and environmentally conscious, energy-efficient activities play a key role in this respect, and are firmly anchored in the company’s strategy.

Taking our responsibilities seriously and conserving energy and resources are overriding strategic goals for Porsche. Economic success, environmental awareness and social responsibility are not opposing concepts. On the contrary, they can be combined to form an overall idea that defines the company’s attitude.

Commercial success and continuous improvement are what sets Porsche apart from its competitors. We challenge the status quo time and again – and the same is true when it comes to protecting the environment. As a manufacturer of exclusive, powerful sports cars, Porsche is committed to achieving greater acceptance of its company and products around the world through socially and environmentally responsible conduct.

Responsible actions that benefit not only the company, but also the environment and society, are not just expected by customers, business partners and investors – they are also crucial for ensuring competitiveness.

Back in 1996, Porsche introduced an environmental management system at its Zuffenhausen site – as one of the first companies in Baden-Württemberg to do so. This system defined various processes and responsibilities with the overall aim of progressing incrementally towards an environmentally friendly future. For over 20 years, this system has been monitored by independent auditors from the German TÜV.

These experts ask a wide range of questions: Is Porsche complying with environmental and energy-related legislation? How does the company conserve resources? How much energy does it use? All external sites were included for the first time in 2016.

Porsche succeeded in obtaining an EMAS certification (a voluntary instrument developed by the EU) once again. The company is also certified in accordance with the internationally recognised standards ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 50001 (energy management).

Although it designs the sports cars of the future, Porsche is already firmly committed to reducing carbon dioxide (CO₂) and particulate matter (PM) in today’s vehicles. This Environmental Statement not only documents our extensive efforts, but also serves as an incentive for us to persevere tirelessly in these efforts.


Albrecht Reimold
Member of the Executive Board
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Production and Logistics



Environmental Statement 2016/2017 – Site Zuffenhausen (11 MB)