At Porsche, our focus is on people. Knowing that every employee applies their own unique skills to further the interests of the company, Porsche is actively committed to diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

In its sustainability strategy, Porsche attributes great importance to diversity and equal opportunity. Besides equal opportunities between the genders, the focus is on the diversity of the international workforce. Porsche values openness towards people of different origins and sexual orientations, and encourages harmonious, productive cooperation between generations, regardless of whether or not people have a disability.

In 2022, Porsche emphasized cooperation in mixed teams: in an environment characterized by diversity, the various strengths and skills of everyone involved should complement one another optimally, enabling every single person to tap their full potential.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Porsche actively champions diversity and equal opportunities, and firmly believes that this also serves its interests as a company.


Corporate co-determination

Corporate co-determination is an important pillar of the corporate culture. Porsche wants its employees to share in its success and to safeguard their jobs.