Porsche opens its first Pop Up Store in Spain within the setting of a classy 19th century manor, located in the upscale street of Fernando El Santo, 14, Madrid, an ephemeral venue of 400 square meters, that will only be open from December 15th to December 30th, 2017, and will allow visitors to get acquainted with the history and the future of the Brand in a different and entertaining way.

This place, where adults and kids alike can enjoy and interact with an environment linked to one of the most legendary auto makers, receives the name “Porsche Tracks”, a nod that uses the meaning of “Track” in English, valid for referring to race tracks as well as the divisions of vinyl LP records. Since the Pop Up Store will have several areas for living exhilarating experiences, among them precisely the one where one can choose, though those record tracks, one of sixteen short videos narrating the history of Porsche.

One of the highlights will be the Future Laboratory, where the Porsche Mission E concept car will be displayed, the Brand’s first 100% electric sports vehicle, scheduled to launch in 2019, and that was displayed exclusively at international motor shows until now.

And, as Porsche has always known how to look forwards, but still maintaining the spirit of its origins, could not miss the occasion to showcase some of the models that have contributed to the forging of this myth. Thus, at the Vintage Café, while we take a moment to refresh, two of the essential vehicles for the company from Stuttgart will accompany us; the 356, which began it all, as well as a 911 from the 70s, dos collectible jewels, highly valued by classic car fans.

Some of the newest vehicles from the current range, such as a Cayenne from the recently launched third generation, a Panamera Sport Turismo and a 911 GTS, will be the stars that will light the spotlights at the entrance to the manor, to be able to be admired, not only by the fans that come by the Pop Up tore, but also any of the passers-by through the area during these Christmas holidays.

To breathe the true Porsche ambience with all its intensity one should not forget about the virtual reality area, the design corner, art gallery or the “bibliobar”, where extraordinary Porsche-related books can be savored while having a refreshing drink.

The selection process for the novel Porsche Accelerator by Connector project will take place

Another two unmissable areas for the fans are the entertainment area and the Porsche cinema. At the first one, multiple Brand models will be available to try out in the latest version of the Forza Motorsport 7 game by Microsoft, that boasts truly unique realism and sensations. A thirty-minute-long movie will be shown at the cinema area, about what Porsche calls e-Performance, the way the Brand understands the electrified future of the automobile, without giving up the performance and sportiness inherent to the vehicles manufactured by this company.

During the fortnight that this “Porsche Tracks” venue will be up, several activities with clients and a part of the selection process for the novel Porsche Accelerator by Connector project will take place, a program that sets its goal on seeking and providing impulse to the development of emerging companies in the area of connectivity, intelligent mobility, lifestyle, client experience and what is knows as the Internet of Things, a concept that refers to digital interconnection of all kinds of items of everyday use.

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