In addition to the 911 GT3 RS, Porsche presented the concept study of an electrically powered Cross Utility Vehicle (CUV) at the Geneva International Motor Show. The four-door Mission E Cross Turismo is characterised by its emotional design language and striking off-road elements as well as the new display and operating concept with touch screen and gaze control.

Porsche chief designer Michael Mauer already revealed at the presentation in Geneva that he would like to turn the study into a series production model: "It goes without saying that I would like to see that happen with this vehicle: our team has put its heart and soul into the Cross Turismo over the last two years. Perhaps that means I'm not very objective. What is important now is for us to see how the public responds to the vehicle and then we can draw the right conclusions."

An initial survey on Twitter shows that the majority of the public agrees with him. Of nearly 13,000 participants, 74 per cent voted for the Cross Turismo to go into production.

But not only the followers of @PorscheNewsroom have their opinions, the international press representatives also reported on the novelty of Porsche. An overview:

“Tesla may have created a new automotive segment and single-handedly made the electric car cool with blistering performance, high technology and svelte design, but the next few years will bring new competition from the old guard. (…) And if there's a target on Tesla's back, it might be Porsche that has Elon Musk's company most firmly in its sights.”

“Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo designed to leave Tesla in the dust: Porsche may take on Tesla by taking it off-road. The Mission E Cross Turismo unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show is a jacked-up battery-powered wagon concept that will likely spawn a production vehicle soon.”

“The Porsche Mission E Cross Turimso is a fast-charging, low-slung wagon: It is the second iteration of Porsche's Mission E concept-which bowed in 2015 as a four-passenger sports car with suicide doors and promises to beat Tesla with more than 600 horsepower, 440 kW and an 800-volt system to charge its lithium-ion batteries twice as fast.”

“The reports of the wagon's death have been greatly exaggerated, and the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept is the latest proof that the body style is alive and well. Following the path blazed by the raised ride height and plastic-clad wheel arches of its corporate cousin, the Audi A4 Allroad, the Mission E Cross Turismo is an all-electric, off-road-ready wagon that's nonetheless claimed to be capable of blasting to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds and to 124 mph in less than 12 seconds.”

“The Cross Turismo concept is a runner, using the same mechanical and electrical setup as the first Mission E, due out next year. That means front and rear electric motors, good for 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds and 0-125 in 12. It'll do those blazing numbers even when the battery is fairly depleted - a condition not met by a Tesla.”

“Porsche pulled one of the biggest surprises at the Geneva motor show with the unveiling of a new 590bhp electric-powered crossover vehicle based on its upcoming Mission E. (…) Unofficially, it is a rolling blueprint for Porsche's second electric model, which is set to follow the production version of next year's Mission E four-door sedan to showrooms in 2021 with the sort of performance that, according to Blume, will not disappoint.”

“This makes sense. Even in the short period of time since the first reveal, the global market (and particularly the American and Chinese markets) for vehicles has shifted from sedans to crossovers at a rather astonishing rate. If Porsche is going to launch an EV, it makes sense to have ready a vehicle that fits where the market is.”

“We’ve been waiting a while, Porsche, and not for a German version of a Volvo V90 Cross Country. Hopefully you can do better next time.”

“Billed as a CUV, or Cross Utility Vehicle, the all-electric design study is heavily influenced by the current Panamera Sport Turismo and showcases the brand’s pure EV credentials.”

“The EV market is certainly hotting up at the moment and is set to get very exciting over the next few years.”

“Sources say the Cross Turismo could come as early as 2021. A two-year gap between the fastback and the crossover styled four-door would help ensure the new factory hall in Zuffenhausen maintains a minimum output to protect contribution margins.”

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