Three kilometres of files, 5 million photos and slides, 4,500 books and 2,000 hours of film footage – the Historical Archive of Porsche AG houses more than 70 years of company history. This includes important information with economic, technical, social or cultural reference to the Porsche company. The aim is not to keep the items hidden away in dark storage rooms, but to prepare the knowledge relating to the brand for the public and share it with Porsche fans all over the world. This is done by means of own publications in the Edition Porsche Museum, as well as through the communication of historic content at exhibitions, auto shows and events. In addition, the archive employees also deal with over 6,000 enquiries every year from internal departments, journalists, scientists and book authors. Popular topics include development, motorsport and the company history. Another important area is that of legal safeguards. If necessary, it is possible to check on things from the past. Because the company archive is Porsche’s very own memory.

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