TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is the first fully-electric road racing series in the world. It made its debut in 2014. Formula E currently offers the most competitive environment in which to forge ahead with the development of high-performance cars against the background of environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and sustainability. The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team is in good company: more manufacturers line up in Formula E than in any other racing series making for fierce competition.

The format

The day before the E-Prix, a short functional test, or shakedown, takes place. On the day of the event, teams and drivers get two 30-minute free practices, followed by the qualifying and the race. For season 8, the qualifying format has been revised: in the first stage, drivers are divided into two groups of eleven drivers. For their attempt to qualify for the next level, they have 220 kW (299 PS) of electrical power at their disposal. The fastest four from each group progress into the quarter-finals. There, they pit themselves against each other in a duel-stage knockout with 250 kW (340 PS). The winners in the quarter-finals go into the semi-finals.  With the same power, the two contenders go head-to-head in the final duel for pole position. The drivers who were eliminated from the initial session line up on the grid based on their fastest lap time in the group.

Each race runs over 45 minutes plus one lap – moreover, additional race time has been introduced for season 8. Like in other sports, the race director reserves the right to extend the race by up to 10 minutes to offset neutralisations during safety car and full course yellows. In Race Mode, drivers have a baseline output of 220 kW (299 PS) at their disposal. At the doubleheader events with two races per weekend, the programme on the second day is identical, albeit with only one 30-minute practice session.

2021/2022 race calendar

16 races have been confirmed for Season 8 (2021/2022).

The special features

One innovation in Formula E is Fanboost. This is where fans vote online, either via the Formula E app, the website https://fanboost.fiaformulae.com or via Twitter, to give the drivers an extra burst of power in the race. The five drivers with the most votes are able to deploy an additional burst of 100 kJ in a short time frame during the second half of the race.

Another special feature of Formula E is Attack Mode. During the race, drivers have to veer from the racing line and pass through several Activation Zones on a certain part of the track. This gives them an extra 30 kW, or a total of 250 kW (340 PS), which they can use for about four minutes. Each driver can deploy Attack Mode twice during a race. Prior to race day, the race director can change the frequency and length of the Attack Mode. The additional power in Attack Mode can only be used under normal racing conditions and not during a safety car phase or full course yellow.

Season 7 Results and Standings