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Vinga Palsdottir, Head of Global Sponsorships, NetApp

Why does your company support the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team?

NetApp is delighted to be partnering with the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team. We are two organizations committed to innovation and teamwork, so we have great alignment. With such a famous name in the world of motorsport, competing in a championship focused on sustainability and pushing boundaries, it’s a great fit.

The team was looking for a groundbreaking solution to ensure that engineers and strategists at the track and those back at Porsche Motorsport HQ in Weissach, Germany would be able to work on the same data in real-time, wherever in the world the race was taking place.

With our Global File Cache solution harnessing the power of the cloud, NetApp had a perfect solution. By synchronizing data across all locations before, during and after the race, the team is able to make better and faster decisions in real-time.

What are your goals regarding this partnership?

Our sponsorship partnerships are about telling relevant and engaging stories about how our technology solutions are helping our partners to do extraordinary things. These stories bring technologies such as our cloud solutions to life, providing them with context that people can relate to. In turn, we use them to start conversations and ultimately drive our marketing and sales activities.

What was your most formative moment so far in relation to your commitment to the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team?

Although it was before the official launch of the partnership, the team had already implemented the NetApp cloud-based real-time data sharing solution when it secured the 1-2 result in Mexico in Season 8 in 2022. That was a great start to the relationship that gave us a glimpse of the excitement and potential that we could deliver together.

What is it about the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship that fascinates you?

It is highly data and technology driven, with software one of the most significant factors in team performance. The younger, tech-savvy audience is also important to NetApp as are the environmental credentials and the commitment to innovation.

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