The aim is to use digital solutions to convey the motor sports experience as realistically as possible. To this end, Porsche Digital developers have created a prototype app that captures the feel of racing first hand. Whether at home or on the road, the user always has the option of the following a race on their own terms.

Using an integrated augmented reality function, the drivers, the racing cars and even the racetrack itself can be observed at all times. In addition, an overview of the lap times and vehicle data is available in real time, just like it is for the mechanics in the pit lane. A camera in the vehicle itself also makes it possible to follow the race live and first hand from the perspective of a driver selected by the user.

“We want to use our digital concepts and ideas to make the fascination of motor sports accessible and therefore more transparent to an even larger community. To this end, we are concentrating on a variety of stakeholders – from active racing drivers or motor sports enthusiasts to the traditional fans, who simply enjoy watching a race from home”, explains Robert Bischoff, Mobility Innovation Lead at Porsche Digital. The first pilot phase for the app took place last weekend during the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2018.

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