At the start-up conference in Vienna, Porsche was networking with talents and young companies. The goal was to exchange thoughts on innovative ideas and to give each other mutual inspiration. Amidst the transformation of the automobile industry, the central topics for the sports car manufacturer are electrification, digitalisation and connectivity. Porsche is pursuing the vision of remaining the most successful brand for exclusive and sporty mobility in the future. Hence, the company is exploring new horizons and seeking collaboration with start-ups that provide innovative business models and solutions.

Anja Hendel, Director Porsche Digital Lab, spoke at “Pioneers“ together with Risto Vahtra, CEO of the Berlin based tech start-up High Mobility, about how a corporate and a start-up can benefit from one another. “It is beautiful how together we can create something that no one of us could reach alone”, Hendel said. As an example, she and Vahtra mentioned the innovation contest “Porsche NEXT OI“ that Porsche and High Mobility had launched in cooperation. In this open competition participants were tasked with designing and developing apps enabling the vision of the sports car of the future.

Porsche continues to make great strides on the path towards digital transformation. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality – these innovative technologies reached the industry a while ago, meaning the whole automotive sector is facing a complete break with the previous system. Within this context, Porsche intends to become a leading provider of digital mobility solutions in the premium automotive segment. The sports car manufacturer’s medium-term aim is to generate a double-digit percentage of sales through digital services. For Porsche, digitalisation and the application of new technologies are not just an end in themselves. Indeed, wherever added value can be created for the customer or processes can be optimised, the company will employ digital technologies.

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