Until 13 September the special exhibition “Porsche and the Fifties. From Stuttgart into the world.” offers insights into the early years of the Porsche brand and the buoyant spirit of the 1950s. As well as characteristic vehicles from this time such as the first Porsche sports car, the 356, and the 550 Spyder, two items on loan are unusual eye-catchers among the exhibits: Ferry Porsche's private motorboat dating back to 1959, powered by a 52 hp 4-cylinder flat engine, and the rare and unusual plantation tractor “Allgaier P 312 – Porsche system”.

Plantation tractor „Allgaier P 312 – System Porsche“, Porsche Museum, 2015, Porsche AG
The plantation tractor "Allgaier P 312"

The large-format motor racing photographs taken by photographer Marianne Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein are a reflection of the times and also a central part of the exhibition. They offer an exclusive insight into the history of motorsport and document events surrounding the motor racing heroes of the time and their sports cars. The photographs taken by the princess offer the viewer insights into the VIP areas and pit lanes that were not accessible to race spectators. She always succeeded in capturing the special atmosphere on the racetracks and keeping these moments for eternity.

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