A new type of experience “Porsche Future Heritage” allows visitors to assemble and e.g. paint a 356 Coupé. The smartglasses will transport you back to the year 1948 in virtual reality (VR).

During the anniversary year, the VR experience offers visitors something extraordinary: It turns them into active participants in the assembly of the first Porsche sports cars, making them part of the brand’s inception. This virtual journey through time takes place in a dedicated pavilion in front of the entrance to the Porsche Museum. It is available during museum opening hours and also on Mondays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visitors to Porscheplatz can embark upon this time-travelling adventure free of charge until August 26, 2018.

Porscheplatz app: Digital guide to Porsche’s main plant

The VR experience is the latest component of the digital experience concept in Zuffenhausen, which is centred around the Porscheplatz app. The app is available free of charge in both German and English for Android and Apple devices and is being continuously expanded. It provides detailed information about all the activities and facilities at the sports car manufacturer’s main plant in Zuffenhausen and displays these on a map, e.g. news about the Porsche Museum. A particular advantage for visitors: the audio guide to the museum is fully integrated in the Porscheplatz app and can be easily accessed when you are on site.

The app also provides an overview of various topics relating to sports car production at Porscheplatz, particularly the individual plant areas and their locations. The digital assistants built into the app can answer even detailed questions about the features and facilities at the main plant.

“The Porscheplatz app allows our fans and customers to delve even deeper into the world of Porsche”, says Robert Ader, Vice President Customer Relations at Porsche AG. “The Porscheplatz app offers comprehensive and customised information, especially when planning a visit – clear added value for our customers.” Together with the team “Historical Communications“ the existing fascinating visitor experiences have been further developed in the app. “To make your visit to Porscheplatz even more varied, Porsche plans to add many more topics and content to the app and to integrate the existing attractions even more into the digital accompaniment”, says Achim Stejskal, Director of the Porsche Museum and Historical Communications.

You can now follow the Porsche Museum on Instagram

The Porsche Museum is expanding its social media presence: Fans and interested parties can now also keep up-to-date with the Porsche Museum’s activities on Instagram, besides Facebook. Insights into the history of the sports car manufacturer as well as current snapshots are posted several times per week at www.instagram.com/porsche.museum.

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