The central element is an online learning platform. The digital modules at Porsche consist of a total of 76 hours of learning time. 12,900 employees have already registered for the scheme, which has some 1,500 specialist and cross-disciplinary offerings available. “Fit for Digit@l” allows employees to discover how digitalisation affects them personally and the role it plays in Porsche’s world, to learn about the benefits behind it, and to get involved in shaping the digital transformation through active participation.

A transformation that leads to changes being realised at unprecedented speed. Porsche is also changing as a result of digitalisation. New technologies and processes, new products and services, and new business models and working methods present both opportunities and challenges at the same time.  Porsche is dividing the digital transformation into four fields of action: “products and services”, “company and processes”, “customer and retail” and “people and culture”. Over 70 percent of the strategic fields within Strategy 2025 revolve around digitalisation. This illustrates the importance of providing ongoing training to the entire workforce.

At the heart of everything is the online learning platform. Step-by-step, this creates a world of learning which employees can make use of independently and in a highly customised way, even adding their own content. No matter whether e-learning, learning videos, learning in tandems or online networks, bitesize learning, basic or advanced qualifications, the Porsche learning platform supports employees in their personal development in a flexible and needs-oriented manner. Another effect of digitalisation is that lifelong learning is not limited to the seminar room, but is an integral part of daily working life at Porsche, requiring a changed approach to learning.

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