Schaeffler, a leading automotive and industrial supplier, worked with experts from Porsche Consulting to develop a vision for its more than 70 plants worldwide. “The ‛Factory for Tomorrow’ is our approach to inventing the factory of the future,” explains Chief Operating Officer Oliver Jung in this video.

Every year Schaeffler builds one or two new production sites somewhere in the world. The ‛Factory for Tomorrow’ is a type of blueprint. Its innovative solutions for major issues like digitalization or demographic change make not only new but also existing factories fit for the future. Modularization, ease of communication, and attractiveness are some of the focal points. For further details and applications, see the Porsche Consulting Magazine.

The first prototype of this innovative factory approach is under construction in Xiangtan, China. It will start operations in 2019. The video from Schaeffler shows what the factory will look like.

Porsche Consulting: Prototype for the factory of the future

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