Porsche Consulting creates applications for artificial intelligence

For artificial intelligence to be used in the real world, business and industry need concrete applications. To generate these applications, Porsche Consulting has entered a strategic partnership with UnternehmerTUM, the Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University in Munich.

In collaboration with established companies, start-ups, and scientists, the management consultancy wants to advance the use of artificial intelligence in actual practice. To this end, the appliedAI initiative has now been launched in Munich.

Eberhard Weiblen, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Consulting, plans to make the experience gained in this partnership available to clients in consulting projects. “Our focus is on bringing new technology into industry and guiding companies through successful transformations. The appliedAI initiative brings the right minds together to achieve this.”

Expanding the range of services

With this appliedAI partnership, the management consultancy is expanding its own range of services offered in the fields of analytics and artificial intelligence. Teams made up of consultants and AI experts will support the projects from conception to the test run. Potential applications include predictive maintenance for industrial facilities, data-based product development, and automated administrative tasks. Weiblen sees potential applications for artificial intelligence in nearly every sector. “Cooperation between humans and machines will increase productivity in industry, open the door to more challenging tasks for employees, and bring innovations to fruition much more rapidly. Artificial intelligence will also raise the quality of life in the private sphere—in areas such as healthcare.”

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