“This year I really want to win the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix”

Aryna Sabalenka has enjoyed a great start to the season. At the Australian Open, the world No. 2 won her second Grand Slam title and therefore successfully defended the one she claimed the year before in Melbourne. Now she would like to finally take home the car for the winner of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, where she was the runner-up in the past three years. 

Aryna Sabalenka says about…

...her expectations for the 2024 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix:
“This year I really want to win the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. I love this tournament, always enjoy my time here and always enjoy playing here. I’m super happy to be back.”

...her mental preparation before tournaments:
“Even if you don’t have the feeling you’re going to win the tournament, you’re trying to make yourself think you will. It’s all about hoping things are going to be good for you.”

...your clay court preparations:
“My preparation for the clay court season starts straight after the Miami Open. I have a couple of days off and I start preparing for clay as soon as possible. I think Stuttgart is a good place to start the clay season, to slowly get into the clay mood, especially the sliding and the long rallies.”

...the dominance of East European players on the Tour:
“We from Eastern Europe have often been raised in tough conditions and we’re really tough people and we’re fighters. It’s the only explanation I see why so many successful players come from the region.”

...the importance of her successes on clay last year in Europe:
“My successes last year were really important, especially the win in Madrid. The good performances here and in Roland Garros were incredibly important for my belief. They showed me that I can be successful on every surface and have cleared all doubts.”

...the lessons she learns from defeats:
“I always say, I’m not losing, I am learning. Every experience, especially the painful defeats, are valuable lessons that help me learn.”

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