Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has become a household name, thanks in large part to the meteoric rise of ChatGPT. The unprecedented growth in AI capabilities has captured the world’s collective imagination, fundamentally altering the way we interact with technology and transforming our daily lives. Marketing and public relations (PR) departments have found themselves at the forefront of this transformative wave as they navigate their way through a multitude of challenges while simultaneously seizing exciting opportunities. Creating or altering realistic images within seconds, editing the tonality and style of texts, or converting audio and video content into different languages are surely just the beginning of the use cases for this GenAI playing field.

To better grasp the future of GenAI’s role in marketing and PR, Porsche Consulting conducted a survey involving nearly 100 thought leaders from both departments across various sectors in the United States, Germany, and China. Spoiler alert: Whether it is about shaping reputation (PR) or a brand’s image (marketing), all heads of departments agree that GenAI will play a pivotal role in defining future marketing and PR strategies. Their perspectives offer a unique outlook on how the current technological wave is shaping future agendas, providing valuable insights for companies to proactively navigate and conquer this transformative wave.

Read the impulse in full length: Between Content Flood and Hyper-Personalization

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