Over a period of two weeks, Porsche is present at an unusual location that reflects the urban culture of the city in question. The sports car brand acts here as the curator, while young, creative companies and partners provide a platform for exhibitions, panels, debates and workshops focusing on art, technology, live music or fashion. In addition, hallmark brand themes are featured such as innovation, design and connectivity provided by Porsche experts from Stuttgart. The concept premiered in Berlin in 2018, followed by Amsterdam.

SCOPES driven by Porsche, Berlin, 2019, Porsche AG
In Berlin, Porsche and its partners such as Boiler Room, Julia Stoschek Collection and Cookies Creme Berlin provided highlights in the creative scene

SCOPES driven by Porsche embodies pioneering spirit, innovative design and the meet-up of a creative community. The orientation of the event in the respective city depends on the individual people who design the content.

“A unique community of partners develops a programme lasting several weeks. In this way, we’re addressing a new target group for Porsche and providing a relevant access to the brand,” says Kjell Gruner, Vice President Marketing bei Porsche.

This week, SCOPES will be launched for the first time in Asia: in the creative city of Tokyo. The programme at Dommune Studio includes a live art performance by designer King Masa and calligrapher Kenshin, who designed the SCOPES Tokyo logo.

“Tokyo's individual cultural scene provides an ideal setting in which to create new event formats like SCOPES.” Matthias Becker

The platform ANDART will be present with founder Shiori Matsuzono. This platform aims to make art accessible to young people. Pop singer and musician KOM_I will explain how she made her breakthrough in Japan with her very own spiritual style of music and will perform live at SCOPES Tokyo.

“Tokyo is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and its individual cultural scene provides an ideal setting in which to create new event formats like SCOPES,” says Matthias Becker, Vice President, Overseas and Emerging Markets Region.

The Porsche Taycan will be highlighted at SCOPES Tokyo – as a unique art installation by designer Shohei Fujimoto with more than 100 lasers. Apart from this, only the materials, colours and design concept of the rooms evoke the sports car brand; otherwise it deliberately avoids any direct presentation, aiming instead to encounter participants and partners on an equal footing.

In Tokyo, SCOPES will run for 16 event days from 22 November to 7 December at SO-CAL-Link Gallery, Shibuya-ku. A visit to SCOPES is free of charge to anyone interested: only a small number of events, such as the opening can be attended by invitation only.


For further details, see: http://scopes.tokyo/

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911 GT2 RS

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