Vehicle subscription, on-demand rental, partial ownership, ridesharing and carsharing – new approaches to mobility are changing the way people move about the world. Zabih Aria, Manager for Smart Mobility Services at Porsche Cars North America, explains the Porsche approach to smart mobility. “Our goal is that one individual could go from place to place and have that seamless Porsche experience”. The vehicle subscription service Porsche Passport is one of the first products introduced in this arena. Subscribers have access to a number of different Porsche models.  According to Aria a benefit of the new service is the flexibility: “Drive a 911 on Monday and a Cayenne on Friday”.  While working on such innovations, Aria likes to spar with the experts of Porsche Consulting. „Porsche Consulting was the jet engine behind us that helped us broaden our horizons”, he says.

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