Season 2 – Intro

Welcome to Season 2

We are back! In this short episode, our two hosts Christian Knörle (Porsche Digital) and Tim Leberecht (House of Beautiful Business) welcome you to the second season of the Next Visions Podcast. Give it a listen if you want to find out which questions, topics and “masterminds” will be part of the upcoming episodes.

Season 2 – Intro


Season 2 – Episode 1

About belonging and reinvention

Where do we find a sense of belonging? And once we do, how do we harness it to reinvent who we are and who we will become? In their first-ever conversation, Charlotte Fox Weber, head of psychotherapy at The School of Life, and formerly incarcerated writer and author Erwin James meet to share their wisdom about inner peace, mental resilience, and growth in adversity. 

Season 2 – Intro


Season 2 – Episode 2

About new narratives in democracies 

Amid the rise of nationalism, social divide, populism, and political polarization, Anab Jain, co-founder and director of the design studio Superflux, and Alex Evans, founder of the Collective Psychology Project, discuss the role of storytelling and platform power in shaping perceived realities, opinions, and the sentiment of “us and them.”

Season 2 – Intro



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Season 1

The first season consists of five episodes, which will be available on all common podcast platforms. In each episode, two thought leaders will discuss the social, economic and ethical questions of our time.

"Pioneering spirit is a fundamental part of our brand. The new podcast ’Next Visions’ also follows this direction." Sebastian Rudolph

Ebru Koksal, former managing director of the Turkish football club Galatasaray Istanbul, and Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the London Business School, start the series by talking about radical career decisions and the importance of leadership. They provide answers as to what authentic leadership looks like in a technology-driven age and how to define a successful career.

"Pioneering spirit is a fundamental part of our brand. The new podcast ’Next Visions’ also follows this direction. We look to the future, show different perspectives, and try to inspire our listeners," explains Sebastian Rudolph, Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics of Porsche AG. "Therefore, we are expanding our portfolio of digital on-demand offerings with more high-quality content. Since July 2019, we have already been providing a look behind the scenes of the first all-electric racing series with the Formula E podcast ‘Inside E’. Further exciting audio formats will follow."

Future topics that also drive Porsche

Under the slogan "Next Visions," Porsche has been taking a look into the future of the company for some time now, discussing future challenges and opportunities and especially encouraging new perspectives. The podcast offers inspiring personalities outside the company a platform to share their visions of the future and provide food for thought for their listeners. Among others, the episodes address the following questions: How does urban planning influence our personalities? To what extent does the constantly-increasing use of artificial intelligence limit our autonomy? And what can economic strategists learn from artists?

Next Visions Podcast, 2020, Porsche AG
"House of Beautiful Business" – an annual gathering of relevant thought leaders in the society

At the end of the first season, Maria Kolitsida, co-founder of the IT company and MIT graduate in the field of artificial intelligence, discusses together with Sophie Kleber, Head of Spaces at Google, the risks and challenges of combining emotions with technologies. Among other things, they will talk about how the targeted use of technologies and the simulation of emotions can fundamentally change our everyday and professional lives.

Tim Leberecht, event organizer and author, 2020, Porsche AG
Tim Leberecht
Christian Knörle, Head of Company Building Porsche Digital, 2020, Porsche AG
Christian Knörle

Intro: What is it all about?

What does Porsche actually understand by Next Visions and why is there now a podcast about it? In this episode Christian and Tim introduce themselves and the concept in detail. They talk about Porsche, explain what the House of Beautiful Business is all about and what Ferdinand Porsche has got to do with it. They also reveal who exactly is behind the so-called “masterminds."


Episode 1: About radical career decisions and leadership in times of disruption

When a business professor and a top manager in sports business come together to talk about careers and leadership: In this Next Visions episode, football forerunner Ebru Köksal and professor Herminia Ibarra talk about the most disruptive moments in their careers, share personal advice for future leaders and discuss the definition of authentic leadership in the age of digitization.


Episode 2: About cities and how they influence us

When a practicing architect and researcher meets an entrepreneur and former pro athlete: In this episode of Next Visions, Itai Palti and Kristina Palovicova discuss how the environment we live in influences our lives and behavior, and how design can be used to address urban challenges that society faces today as well as in the future.


Episode 3: About positive psychology and ethics in AI

Positive psychology is one thing that unites the guests of this week's episode. Florian Schmitt, Chief Creative Officer at SYZYGY and John Havens, Author and AI expert, meet to talk about AI and the complex philosophical questions behind it. They also have some interesting takes on Nature 2.0.


Episode 4: About the power of art and its influence on business

When a professor and a partner of a top consulting firm come together to talk about art and poetry. In this Next Vision episode Amy Whitaker, Professor at NYU Steinhardt and Massimo Portincaso, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group discuss how art and poetry in particular can empower business decisions. Moreover they question the current state of Design Thinking.


Episode 5: About emotional intelligence of machines

AI could be an enabler and an extension for learning. If we see it like that, we have the values and dedication to do it right,” says Maria Kolitsida, Founder and CEO at in her conversation with Sophie Kleber, Head of Spaces UX at Google. In this final episode of Next Visions, the two discuss our responsibilities regarding the development of AI and why the technology hasn’t reached emotional intelligence yet. The two also reflect on the bias of modern technology as it reproduces the misconceptions of our past.



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