Similar to programs around the world, Porsche enthusiasts in North America are able to indulge in their driving passion with five unique experiences that explore every facet of the Porsche brand.

Over the next five Thursdays we'll take a deeper look into each experience. Today we offer a quick breakdown of available adventures. 

Porsche Experience Center

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

Porsche Experience Centers serve as track-based brand embassies where visitors can indulge in everything Porsche. They are different than drive experiences offered by other carmakers because they were purpose-designed and built to be immersive retail experiences for the public. Spend time on the development track, explore exclusive heritage displays or enjoy a chef-driven menu. Every detail is engineered to impress.

Porsche Ice Experience

Porsche Ice Experience

The Porsche Ice Experience Canada training facility provides the perfect setting with several large ski pads, two circuits and three challenging handling courses that will require your full attention. For a four- or five-day event that will enable you to put your driving skills to the test in some of the most demanding conditions.

Porsche Racing Experience

911 GT3 Cup, Porsche Racing Experience, 2019, Porsche AG

Prove your talent and start your own mission – with the Porsche Racing Experience. We will take you straight to pole position on the way to your very own career as racing driver by giving you professional training and uncompromising support – perfectly tailored to your needs – with three levels that build on one another.

Porsche Travel Experience

Porsche Travel Experience

Porsche Travel Experience has been offering exclusive trips for more than 20 years along some of the world’s most sought-after routes. We offer a wide range of tours all over the world, all of which include stops with luxurious stays and fine dining. With well-informed leaders who offer comprehensive care, experience the ultimate road trip behind the wheel of a Porsche.

Porsche Track Experience

Porsche Track Experience

Porsche Track Experience (PTX), one of the longest-running manufacturer-operated driving schools in the U.S., is celebrating two decades of driver development, with a focus on refining driving techniques while teaching visitors to be safer, more accurate drivers. World class instructors and racing legends lead the way in the Porsche model of your choosing. 


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