The sixth edition of the “ORIGINALE” catalog series is now available for free from Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche dealer partners. ORIGINALE #06 is the final instalment of the collectible classic workshop manuals.

“The ORIGINALE catalogue concept is an informative and emotive way for us to present our extensive range of parts for our vintage cars and newer models. We deliberately took an approach that would meet with the enthusiasm of our customers and fans,” explains Ulrike Lutz, Head of Porsche Classic. “Around 300,000 copies of the first five editions were sent out to customers and fans around the world – the demand confirms the concept. The sixth edition now rounds off the first series. The next editions will follow in 2021 with a redesigned concept.”

“ORIGINALE” Porsche Classic catalogue, 2020, Porsche AG

More than 70 percent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today. To ensure that every one remains a Porsche down to the very last detail, Porsche Classic ensures the supply of genuine parts. These are available worldwide in Porsche dealers for assembly in customer orders or for do-it-yourself installation by hobby mechanics. More than 52,000 Porsche Classic original parts can be ordered from Porsche Classic Partners or via the Porsche Classic website and every year, 300 new items are added to the stock.

Exciting look behind the scenes: the recipe for success

In the “ORIGINALE” Classic catalog, Porsche presents selected products and innovations from the range of Porsche Classic original spare parts and accessories. The catalog also shares with readers exciting stories behind the production and testing procedures of individual parts. Besides the storytelling aspect, the catalog also has a clear layout with photos carefully chosen to accompany the stories and typographical features to set the scene.

“The ORIGINALE catalog concept is an informative and emotive way for us to present our extensive range of parts for our vintage cars and newer models." Ulrike Lutz, Head of Porsche Classic

Each edition has its own, unique style of images with unusual illustrations of original spare parts. The design drawing of an original part is illustrated on each front cover and the spine of each edition is in an original car color, backed in linen. The 125-page magazine is currently available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

“ORIGINALE” Porsche Classic catalogue, 2020, Porsche AG

The “ORIGINALE” catalog has won numerous awards: it was winner of the 2017 Red Dot Award and has been awarded numerous corporate publishing prizes in various categories. Under the leadership of Porsche Classic, the BrandsOnSpeed GmbH agency from Stuttgart has been responsible for the editorial content and layout of the first catalog series.

Latest edition with focus on the Porsche 911 F model

The original 911 (1965 to 1973), commonly known as the F model, is the main feature of the new edition. Particular attention is given to the vehicles with short wheelbase. The tail light of the original 911 is illustrated on the front cover of the new edition and the catalog spine is in Irish green – reminiscent of the color used for the first and one millionth Porsche 911 and an homage to the favorite color of Ferry Porsche. Other features in edition #06 include the most poignant letterings and logos in the history of Porsche, the manufacturing of the crankcase, the hand lamp that has been reinterpreted and upgraded and is again available as an accessory, as well as current restoration projects in which Porsche Classic is involved.

“ORIGINALE” Porsche Classic catalogue, 2020, Porsche AG

The catalogue also presents the navigation and infotainment systems available for modern classic cars, Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM; for cars with 1-DIN slot) and PCCM Plus (for vehicles with 2-DIN slot). They combine an original, true-to-the-period Porsche design with the latest functions such as touchscreen, onboard navigation and Apple CarPlay. The PCCM Plus also supports the use of GOOGLE® Android Auto.  In the editorial, Porsche Chief Designer Michael Mauer explains why, without the past, we cannot look to the future.

Previous editions at a glance:

Edition Date of publication Spine colour Main feature Other features
#01 October 2016 Signal Green 356 engine

Bumpers, vibration dampers, toothed belts

#02 September 2017 Copper Brown Metallic 928 Weissach axle

928 rear axle, Fuchs rims, 356 brake drums

#03 March 2018 Racing Yellow 986 exhaust system

Tail pipes, front wheel housings, Litronic headlights

#04 November 2018 Indian Red 964 spring strut

964: Airbag sensor, vibration dampers; 959 release lever

#05 August 2019 Mexico Blue 993 gearbox housing

993: Impeller, wheel carrier, gearbox housing

#06 August 2020 Irish Green 911 F tail light

“Carrera” lettering, 911 F tail light, Porsche Classic Communication Management (Plus)


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